The Florence Ring

25/09/2014 16:30

During the first part of September I started on the Florence Ring for the first time. And it was quite a challenge. Temperatures were near or above 30 °C and during the few days the sun was not shining, it was raining with thunderstorms.

Considering the fact that I write the Guide for Walkers with only some experience with walking and following a Trail combined with little experience using a map, some of the tracks I planned to use for the Trail proved to be to challenging to use;
they were not always save to walk on or were difficult to follow.

Because of this and because of some severe blisters I developed it was not possible to complete the Trail.

However, the Trail passes though nice countryside and nice villages and towns. Accommodation and facilities like shops, ATM's, Restaurants/Bars, public transport are widely available. A surprising number of people spoke English (compared to what I encounter in Spain, Belgium, Germany and France). And alternatives for the to difficult sections appear to be easy to find.

So there is still a lot of work to do but the end result will be a nice Trail through Tuscany.   

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