From Roman bridge to Roman bridge in Spain/Emu tracks in Spain.

28/01/2015 17:13

From Roman bridge to Roman bridge in Spain/Emu tracks in Spain.

Over the years I often visited Salamanca province in Spain. This started
when I studied social sciences. To practice doing research I stayed in this
province for 6 weeks, studying shepherds. I stayed in the small village of San Esteban de la Sierra. Walking through the region to find shepherds to interview. This is an interesting area, it has many small and nice villages, an interesting countryside and the town of Salamanca is one of the nicest towns I visited.

Since my first stay in 1990 I often went back to this region and it was high on my list of ambitions to plan a walking Trail trough this region. I hope to accomplish this
ambition this year.

So in the month of march another trip is planned to Salamanca.
Hopefully not to early in the season because of the weather. The Trail I have
planned starts in the town of Salamanca. After just a few kilometers the Trail passes through an area where Wellington fought the French in 1812 (Wellington also battles the French in Ciudad Rodrigo; at the end of the Trail). From Salamanca the Trail follows the Ruta de la Plata, a Pilgrims Route, for a few days; goingagainst the direction the Pilgrims are using. This is a region where pigs are kept in large meadows and some of the best bulls for the bull fighting come from this region.

Leaving the Ruta de la Plata, the Trail turns west and enters a more hilly area and passes though some villages. One of these villages is San Esteban de la Sierra where it al started. Part of the Trail is along small rivers with some splendid scenery. Later it passes thorough the town of La Alberca which still has a lot of historical features. Here the Trail passes through the natural park Las Batuecas. The Trail ends at the border town of Ciudad Rodrigo, a nice small town with a lot of historic features; a museum on bedpans being part of it.

The Trail starts at the Roman bridge south of Salamanca and after about 180
kilometer, ends at the Roman bridge at Ciudad Rodrigo; hence the name of the Trail. The subtitle 'Emu tracks in Spain' might surprise you since Emus are not native to Spain, however the first few days the Trail is indicated with a sign looking like the footprint of an Emu. Actually it is a yellow and painted arrow pointing in the usual direction of the Ruta de la Plata; Santiago de Compostella in the North East of Spain. Coming from the North this
arrow resembles an Emu track.

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