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29/05/2015 09:33

Pelgrimspad 1 revisited

Pelgrimspad 1 revisitedThis winter and spring I walked the Pelgrimspad 1 again. Checking and updating the Trail description. I was surprised how many things can change in just a few years. Of course this is the Netherlands and the Dutch are always busy improving their infrastructure and other, more...
28/01/2015 17:13

From Roman bridge to Roman bridge in Spain/Emu tracks in Spain.

From Roman bridge to Roman bridge in Spain/Emu tracks in Spain.Over the years I often visited Salamanca province in Spain. This startedwhen I studied social sciences. To practice doing research I stayed in thisprovince for 6 weeks, studying shepherds. I stayed in the small village of San Esteban de...
25/09/2014 16:30

The Florence Ring

During the first part of September I started on the Florence Ring for the first time. And it was quite a challenge. Temperatures were near or above 30 °C and during the few days the sun was not shining, it was raining with thunderstorms.Considering the fact that I write the Guide for Walkers with...
04/06/2014 10:23

The Florence Ring

With the Kelten Erlebnisweg and the Via Vallonia finished, it is time for a new project. So last week I traveled to Tuscany in Italy. The purpose of this trip was to get an impression of the region and the feasibility of a new Trail.During the trip to Tuscany my impression that this is a nice...
07/05/2014 22:43

Nederlandse Gids Kelten Erlebnisweg is klaar

De wandelgids voor de Kelten Erlebnisweg is klaar. Recent is de Route bezocht en werden de laatste aanpassingen aan de gids gemaakt. Om de Route gebruiksvriendelijker te maken wijkt de Route in de Gids op sommige trajecten af van de oorspronkelijke Kelten Erlebnisweg; waar de oorspronkelijke Route...
07/05/2014 15:45

Guide to the Kelten Erlebnisweg is ready

The Guide to the Kelten Erlebnisweg is ready. After a recent visit to the Trail the final adjustments to the Guide were made. To make the Trail even more user friendly and enjoyable, the Trail does not follow the original Kelten Erlebnisweg every step: sections along major roads and some not...
23/04/2014 09:21

Pelgrimspad 2 Revisited

The guide to the Pelgrimspad 2 has been updated; 2 years after the first print, the list with accommodation has been updated; closed pensions are deleted and new ones added. Accommodations that have become to expensive (> € 80 per night for one person) have also been deleted. Public Transport...
08/04/2014 16:54

Kelten Erlebnis Weg

Guide to Kelten Erlebnish Weg is almost ready.During the last few month I have been working hard preparing the guide to the Kelten Erlebnish Weg. This Trail starts in Meiningen in the former DDR and ends in Bad Windsheim in Bavaria. It is about 256  kilometer long. When walking this Trail you...
06/04/2014 11:54

The Via Vallonia is Ready!!

The Via Vallonia is ready!!  After finishing the Pelgrimspad 2 it was logical to continue on the next section, running from Maastricht in the Netherlands to Rocroi in the North of France. It functions as a sort of Pelgrimspad 3.It follows parts of the Via Mosana, the Via Monastica and the GR...
06/06/2013 14:11

E-shop has been launched!

Our new e-shop has been launched! The new shop makes it easier to order and pay the walking guides. Also it makes it easier to ad new guides and to make other adjustments

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